Pastor's Corner

When the Holy Spirit is Moving!

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of living into this exciting time of your sweet Holy Spirit being in our lives and actions in so many ways!

The decision by both church councils on August 26 to request a joint team to plan how we move Forward Together as one congregation to accomplish a shared mission in our changing context speaks of God’s love and action among us! We are entrusted with the ushering in of Christ’s Reign move fully in our day and time; what an amazing responsibility that is so full of Joy!

Be in prayer as our Lay Leadership committees work to recognize and then nominate those persons who can best be part of this team. Be in prayer that everyone one of us will be actively engaged in the work of the Holy Spirit in this time. Be in prayer that we may all engage one another so beautifully that people paying attention will marvel at our love for one another.

Do no harm. Do all the good you can. Stay in love with God.

Those three sentences are Bishop Reuben Job’s way of speaking the Three Rules of being a United Methodist.

May our respect and care for one another, our enthusiasm for moving into new territory and our love of God abound in this season!

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus! +Melisa

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